Who’s Afraid of Artificial Intelligence? An Innovative Approach to Urban Renewal


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) evokes mixed feelings, but what happens when it is used as an innovative approach to urban renewal? In this article, we will explore how generative AI can transform the way we approach urban design, providing high-quality aesthetic-formal options that guide the choice of preferred solutions. With realistic images and customized solutions, AI proves to be a valuable ally in improving final outcomes. It’s time to challenge fears and discover the unlimited potential of Artificial Intelligence.
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Generative AI is a cutting-edge technology that uses advanced algorithms to generate architectural and urban solutions based on specific inputs. In the context of urban renewal, this revolutionary technology allows us to explore various aesthetic and formal options, starting from inputs such as specific materials, colors, and the desired environmental perception. The high-quality images generated by AI provide us with a realistic view of how the final solution might look, enabling us to make informed decisions based on the desired appearance.

BBA-Architetti has harnessed the potential of generative AI to develop a renewal project for underpasses in the Florence area, which are characterized by degradation and insecurity. Using advanced algorithms and specific inputs, the BBA-Architetti team generated aesthetic proposals that meet the specific needs of these underpasses. The high-quality and realistic images produced through generative AI allowed for a detailed visualization of the final appearance of the renovated underpasses, providing a clear vision of the proposed solutions.

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Generative AI has thus been used to create directly applicable proposals for redevelopment interventions and for the creation of a more attractive and safer urban environment, exploring new aesthetic and functional possibilities.

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