Maximize Real Estate Potential: Customized Solutions for Enhancement, Redevelopment, and New Construction



At BBA-Architetti, we understand how crucial it is to maximize the potential of a property, both in terms of value and return. For this reason, we offer customized solutions to meet the needs of various stakeholders in the sector.

We collaborate with asset managers, real estate developers, real estate decision-makers, and general contractors to offer services dedicated to enhancing and maximizing property value. Our services include:

Integrated Design: We are experts in architectural, structural, systems, special systems, fire protection, project management, and safety design. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to create innovative solutions that optimize space utilization and improve user experience.

Redevelopment of Existing Buildings: We understand the importance of enhancing existing buildings while preserving their character and history. Using sustainable approaches, we make significant improvements to existing buildings, such as energy efficiency upgrades, compliance with regulations, and the creation of functional and modern spaces.

New Constructions: We are capable of developing new constructions that meet market needs. From design to realization, we work to create buildings that are at the forefront in terms of design, sustainability, and functionality.

Permit Process Management: We address the complexity of administrative and bureaucratic processes, working closely with Public Administrations to obtain the necessary urban planning, building, and commercial permits.

Special and Tender Specifications: We draft special specifications and manage the tender process, ensuring that precise technical requirements and rigorous selection criteria are defined for suppliers and contractors.

Our experience allows us to successfully collaborate with all players in the real estate processes; we understand the challenges each subject faces and work in synergy to offer customized solutions that maximize property value.

Contact us for more information on our services to fully enhance the potential of your properties. We are here to offer specialized expertise, innovative approaches, and successful results.



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