Here you will find a broad overview of our research and development activities aimed at promoting environmental sustainability andinnovation in architecture and design.



Research and implementation for the aesthetic and energy Refurbishment project for pilot buildings in Italy funded by the European Union through the Next Generation EU program through the TOCC (Ecological Transition for Cultural and Creative Organizations)grant from Italian Minister of Culture (MIC).

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The research, which produced two publications "Eco-Design for temporary installations" and "Exhibith Design Criteria and methods for environmental sustainability", was developed by Arch. Duccio Brunelli for the Design Degree, Faculty of Architecture in Florence, with Arch. Pietro Novelli of the Tuscany Region, Prof. Massimo Ruffilli and Prof. Roberto Bologna as scientific responsible for the Department of Technology of Architecture and Design in Florence. Adopted as Guidelines by the Region of Tuscany, it responds to the policies of the European Commission in the field of sustainable and responsible production for identifying life cycle approach to production the key to achieving the goals of sustainability. The research is actually the sole scientific reference system for eco-sustainability in the world spaces installations. This design approach is based on the conscious management of resources (materials and energy) at all installation design stages, from production to disposal. It enables the achievement of high environmental performance measurable and certifiable.



The University of Florence, and specifically the Design Degree of the Faculty of Architecture, has undertaken the development of a research titled "Perspectives Florentine - Sustainable Restyling of façades" in order to improve existing buildings appearance belonging to first suburbs of Florence. Technical targets, such as the energy consumption reduction and buildings carbon footprint, are associated with ECO DESIGN elements. The result is a research which formal typological language is expressed through sustainable materials. This yields an outdoor benefits strong linked to city’s image and at the same time indoors benefits in the key of improving the health of citizens. The research, aderived thanks to agreement with numerous Official Partners which Anci, Reeds, Foundation “Angeli del Bello”, Florentine Agency for Energy, Energy Forum Onlus, boasts the recent accession of two exceptional Technology Partners (DiaSen Srl and Rockwool Italy Spa). With them it aims to create a sample application of the final results of the research.



The GreenWatcher is a certified system that engage users and companies, based on a algorithm that evaluates the sustainability of a "places" from 0 to 10. The GreenWatcher's opinions tell the sustainability noticed by users and the evaluates of the companies certify their real sustainability. The GreenWatcher is the benchmark for those offering and looking for eco-sustainability, that actively involves public and professionals. It's a cross-platform web application that allows users to choose between thousands of eco-friendly commercial activities, accommodations and restaurants in all the world, assessing businesses environmental performance with a unique and scientific standard. With The GreenWatcher people can finally choose where to buy, eat, have fun, according to a sustainability criterium. Eco-friendly offer is growing, becoming increasingly chaotic. Thanks to The GreenWatcher, eco-sustainability is easy, univocal and suitable for all: the application, available for desktop and mobile devices, gives everyone the chance to make always the greenest choice, everywhere, at any time. Through The GreenWatcher people looking for eco-sustainability in everyday life and the ones willing to travel as ecotourists are able to follow their ethic choices with real actions, every day. In all the world.

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