BBA-Architects & Partners s.r.l. is an architecture and engineering company that offers integrated services implemented by creativity and research, characterized by the cross-cutting application of eco-sustainability principles, through a network of partners and institutional relationships.

The company develops integrated architectural designs for commercial, office, industrial, retail, and residential buildings, exhibit design for large events.

About us


It is the epitome of the working method: thanks to the multidisciplinary and collaborative approach of its network, BBA-Architects & Partners is able to provide reliable and timely answers to complex project issues.

The creative process is centered around the client’s needs and is developed through dynamic digital project control tools: the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, allows BBA-Architects to manage the project through three-dimensional models by dynamically managing architectural structural and plant data.

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The Design Company consists of three professional partners and uses stable collaborations in order to provide an integrated product in the different skills that make up the project.

  • Arch. Duccio Brunelli (Sole Director): Senior Architect with extensive experience in overseeing the integrated design area and promoting research and sustainability.
  • Arch. Salvatore Covelli (Technical Director): Senior Architect with specific skills in the area of integrated design and telecommunications services, ensuring effective and innovative project management.
  • Arch. Amina Mauro: Senior Architect with a key role in creative coordination of the integrated design area, focusing on design and application of sustainability, as well as serving as BIM coordinator.

    The staff of BBA-Architects consists of more than 15 professionals
    , including senior and junior architects, structural, electrical and mechanical engineers.

BBA-Architetti & Partners s.r.l.