Energy Efficiency of Buildings: Why Not Seize the Opportunity for Urban Restyling?



The 65% Ecobonus and the 110% Superbonus have provided a significant boost to the energy refurbishment of residential buildings in Italy. However, interventions have often focused exclusively on technological performance, neglecting the overall aesthetic aspect of buildings.

As a result, even though buildings may now be more energy-efficient, their aesthetic perception remains unchanged or has only undergone minor changes. Facades may appear almost identical to their original look, and from an aesthetic point of view, the intervention may seem like a simple facelift rather than a complete transformation of the building.

Today, more than ever, sensitivity towards sustainability and eco-friendly urbanization is growing, making it crucial to combine energy refurbishment with the aesthetic restyling of buildings. This integrated approach is the tool through which condominiums can actively participate in this transition, where each condominium intervention becomes a piece of a broader urban restyling.


Through the right design approach, the same thermal insulation that provides energy efficiency can be used to renew the aesthetic language of the building, perhaps with wooden finishes, increasing its appeal and making it more contemporary. Vegetation elements can be used to provide shading where needed while simultaneously renewing the image of a building completely. These are just a few examples of energy and aesthetic restyling of buildings that can be developed.

For many years, BBA Architetti has been committed to researching and applying sustainability principles to energy refurbishment. Thanks to its specific experience, BBA Architetti can be the ideal partner for condominiums, administrators, and property owners to offer customized solutions that maximize the energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal of buildings, fully leveraging the fiscal benefits still available for property refurbishment.


Beyond the significant property revaluation, these interventions could transform neighborhoods, suburbs, and cities as a whole. Each renewed and improved condominium could become a tangible example of sustainability and architectural beauty, contributing to building a shared vision of more responsible and environmentally conscious urban development.

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