BBA-Architetti Wins the TOCC Grant: A New Integrated Vision for the Aesthetic and Ecological Transition of Buildings


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With a project focused on the aesthetic and ecological transition of condominium buildings, BBA-Architetti & Partners wins the TOCC (Ecological Transition for Cultural and Creative Organizations) grant from the Ministry of Culture. This victory allows us to consolidate our commitment to an innovative and integrated vision of the ecological and aesthetic transition of buildings in our cities.

Redeveloping Not Only Buildings but the Entire Urban Context

LThe 65% Ecobonus and the 110% Superbonus have accelerated energy refurbishment, but often without considering the aesthetic aspect. Today, we want to bring this evolution not only to buildings but also to the entire urban context.


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Engaging the Community: A Participatory Revolution

Our unique approach integrates energy refurbishment with aesthetic regeneration, actively involving the community in restyling decisions. Each intervention becomes an opportunity for residents to shape the face of their city, as well as their building.

From Building Refurbishment to Urban Transformation

Our commitment goes beyond building refurbishment: the innovative approach to architecture for aesthetic and energy restyling can transform entire neighborhoods, making them not only energy-efficient but also aesthetically appealing. Each project thus becomes a chapter in creating a more beautiful and sustainable city.

A Tangible Example of Sustainability

Every renovated and improved condominium could become a tangible example of sustainability and architectural beauty. In this way, we will contribute to building a shared vision of more responsible and environmentally conscious urban development.


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