Superbonus and Sustainability: An Assessment After Two Years of Building Incentives



From single-family homes to condominiums, BBA-Architetti has overseen the energy refurbishment of over 5,000 sqm of residential buildings between 2020 and 2022 thanks to the Superbonus 110% incentive.

We designed traditional thermal insulation, used nanotechnology insulations to upgrade the energy class of historically protected buildings where it seemed impossible, integrated photovoltaic systems into the roofs in a landscape-friendly manner, replaced old windows with high-performance ones, changed outdated boilers, and enabled owners to acquire new efficient heat generators.

To date, our modest contribution to the energy efficiency of buildings will save approximately 537,000 kWh annually, equivalent to 285,000 kg of CO2. Compared to current energy costs, the annual savings on bills for the properties involved in the interventions amount to around €320,000.


The initial energy class of the buildings, which was Class G in 80% of the cases, has been significantly improved, reaching Class A in some cases, often exceeding the two-class jump required by the regulations.

A drop in the ocean? Perhaps, but the aesthetic and energy refurbishment of buildings and the sustainability of the built environment have always been at the heart of BBA-Architetti’s activities and research. We hope that in the coming years, thanks to the new regulations that the EU is about to implement, the sustainable transformation of properties can take place gradually and fairly, both in our fortunate regions and gradually, even south and east of the Mediterranean.

Our commitment continues, supporting manufacturing and hospitality businesses in the energy efficiency of their properties, thanks also to the resources of the PNRR, and guiding other condominiums towards the Superbonus in 2023.



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