The Design Company consists of three professional Partners and relies on firm collaborations in order to provide an integrated product in different projects skill sets:

Arch. Duccio Brunelli (CEO) - Senior Architect, Supervision and integrated project; Research and sustainability Manager

Arch. Salvatore Covelli (TD) - Senior Architect, Supervision integrated project area and telecommunication services

Arch. Amina Mauro - Senior Architect, Supervision integrated project area, sustainability and design, BIM coordinator


Arch. Besnik Kazazi - Senior Architect, BIM specialist

Arch. Endi Andoni - Senior Architect, BIM specialist

Arch. Giulia Novelli - Senior Architect, BIM specialist

Arch. Giulia Chieli - Senior Architect, BIM specialist

Arch. Valeria Currò - Senior Architect, BIM specialist

Arch. Andrea Ciulli - Junior Architect

Geom. Andrea Capalbo - Project specialist

Geom. Monica Lepri - Project specialist

Ing. Andrea Capalbo - Junior Engineer

Arch. Marco Luciani - Senior architect, Telecommunications expert

Geom. Filippo Aglietti - Telecommunications expert


A team of professionals with different and complementary skills: architects, engineers, designers and project managers for the total management of complex design solutions.


Cooperating 2006 - 2018

Arch. Mario Meligeni – Arch. Marco Pisati – Des. Alessandro Papi – Arch. Antonio Matarrese – Arch. Gaetano Logrande – Des. Ilaria Bartolini – Des. Kate Wallace – Arch. Tsuyoshi Takagi – Des. Giuseppina Sgaramella – Arch. Beatrice Agnoli – Des. Simona Biagi – Beatrice Moricci – Elena Chimenti – Sara Barbieri – Fabio Paoli – Arch. Sabine Di Silvio - Kamil Lewanovicz - Marco Pomarico - Anna Paola Contu - Fiorentino Carrieri - Andrea Salvadorini - Anna Frascari - Sofia Tomasi - Daniele Quintavalle - Alessandro Giannini - Leonardo Laffi - Marco Luciani - Elisa Brunetti - Endi Andoni - Filippo Aglietti - Andrea Ciulli - Michele Spallino


Geom. Stefano Frediani – town planning expert;
Ing. Stefano Omeri - technical systems engineering;
Evology srl – development and engineering design solutions;
Arch. Patrik Ohlson - graphic rendering;

Two Interns sent by the Design Degree, Faculty of Architecture according to agreement.


BBA-Architetti & Partners srl is the business development of the professional architectural bureau BBA-Architetti associati. The empowerment of the firm has been financed by Monza Brianza Chamber of Commerce aids to innovative start up projects.

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