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BBA-Architetti & Partners is specialized in projects realized with BIM in Teamwork from 2006. Our projecting workflow starts from concept and preliminary design with strong attention to local laws, in order to produce concept designs that can be developed in final drawings that easily obtain buiding authorizations. Working plans are obtained from the same BIM model.





Our team is specialized in BIM architectural design using the main platforms and softwares. Once the building model is ready, we obtain drawings for different levels of project development, from 2D preliminary and final drawings to working plans, as well as 3d model for rendering presentations.

According to New York City BIM Guidelines standards, the Level Of Development of our modeling reaches, in the different phases of projecting, LOD 200, LOD 300 and LOD 400 requirements.

BBA uses BIM for 4D (time management) and 5D (cost management) tender and working documentation. Models are also suitable for 6D use (Facility management).








Our team uses Archicad and REVIT tools for structural and MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) Modeling, or implements merged model using models from other Open BIM softwares (through IFC file saving and exchange protocol).

We use specific softwares (e.g. Solibri) for model checking and clash detection.

Architectural and merged models can be shared and seen with easy and free visualizer tools, even through VR technology, to allow non professionals to be up to dated about projecting process.

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